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JED is a subscriber-driven community web site for all serving & ex-military personnel and/or those with an interest in the military.

We aim to provide a community that has an eclectic mix of information, memories, experiences and help with all manner of military subjects though we tend to concentrate on AFV Recognition. Our amazingly flexible software enables members to run a blog and even create content of all types, albeit pages, photo albums, files etc on this site. All this can be easily listed on an RSS feed enabling your friends, acquaintances, family & comrades to be easily kept up to date with everything you add to your own personal group.

We encourage you to share your experience with other members of the community albeit practical, visual or conceptual and actively encourage you to put your material, even if it has appeared elsewhere, onto this site. Its an easy way to ensure you have a fallback for your information that may be stored elsewhere!

If you are not a member you will only see a limited part of the site.

Apple Ipad users who have the JED Ipad app should use the link on the app to setup a username & password.

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